Quality & consistency of service

Maid by Nature is an insured business offering exceptional value by providing thorough, friendly, and trustworthy service.   You can rest easy knowing that the same smiling face will be entering your home for every service offering you the privacy and consistency you deserve! 

Per Service Minimum of $70

MY Rate & Timing factors

$30 per hour*  



Meal Prep, grocery shopping & other tasks

You don't want to spend your time grocery shopping , or you find it difficult to make healthy choices when walking past the cookie aisle?  Don't fret - I love grocery shopping to create and prepare healthy & delicious meals that will assist you in reaching your dietary goals.  I am capable, creative, and ready to help! 

*Drive time exceeding a total of 40 minutes (20 minutes to & 20 minutes from the location of service) will be added to the cost of service.


Our children and pets are a blessing and joy, but the extra goodies they leave around the home require a bit more time & attention. 

business hours
Monday - Friday      8:30am - 5:00pm
Frequency of service

Weekly services offer the most value to customers!  Consistency = Savings!  Occasional cleanings, due to the infrequency of service, require a bit more elbow grease, time, and attention.


whole home vs. room specific services

Whole home services will get every square foot of your house in tip-top shape!  But, if you are thinking, "I don't need anyone to clean my office or bedroom," you are the perfect candidate for room/task specific services.  I am happy to focus my attention on 1 or 2 areas/tasks.  The Kitchen and Bathrooms are popular choices as they tend to be high traffic areas and are considered by homeowners to be the least enjoyable spaces to clean.